How long will I be in treatment for?

Drug treatment ideally continues for a period of years, but the initial and residential phase of treatment may finish within 28 days. Every recovering addict has unique needs, and benefits from therapies at a personally defined pace. The length of inpatient treatment can vary depending on the severity and duration of the addiction; and some recovering addicts may benefit from a more extended period of inpatient care, up to a period of several months.

A 28 day residential rehab offers an excellent foundation of therapy and recovery strategies, and provides enough training within for many to live better lives of sobriety. Whatever the duration of inpatient therapy, all recovering addicts benefit from a continuing participation in offered aftercare therapies, and aftercare should continue for months or even years after the end of residential treatment.

Some recovering addicts perhaps lacking in family support, or lacking in confidence, may wish to transition out of rehab into a sober living or halfway house environment. This transitional period eases the stress accompanying a return to temptation within the community, and offers a supportive and sober environment, aftercare therapies, and the camaraderie of other recovering addicts.

Every person struggling through substance use and abuse has unique needs to treatment, and what may prove sufficient for one, may not for another. 28 days of intensive therapy offers a great foundation, and if needed, extended residential or aftercare therapies remain available.