What standard of medical care is offered?

All facilities featured on Choose Help offer excellent and comprehensive medical care. Treatment will involve physicians, medical nurses, registered psychologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists and other addictions professionals.

Patients will receive a physical evaluation during the initial assessment period, and will remain under constant medical observation should they need to progress firstly through a period of supervised detoxification. Detox, which can be dangerous and is always difficult, becomes more comfortable through the care and attention of trained medical staff.

Nutritionists working with the facility will design healthful and appealing meals tailored to reverse any nutritional deficits and to restore as much of the health lost to addiction as is possible. When appropriate and required, physicians and psychiatrists may prescribe additional medications to ease some temporary symptoms of recovery.

Patients exhibiting a dual diagnosis (addiction with an additional mental disorder) at admittance will receive more constant monitoring, as their individual circumstances warrant.

Medical staff works closely with each recovering addict throughout their period of stay to enhance physical recovery and ensure safety and maximal comfort at all times.