What is the standard of accommodation?

It's tough to beat an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and because the struggle against dependency takes such an effort, recovering addicts shouldn’t need to worry about their environment, accommodations or meals. No one would suggest that a luxurious facility replaces the need for intensive and targeted therapies, but offering comfortable and private accommodations, and peaceful and tranquil surroundings, leaves the recovering addict free to focus solely on the efforts of recovery.

Choose Help facilities boast well appointed private or semi private suites, immersed in natural beauty and conducive to stress free living, reflection and introspection. Drug treatment is never a vacation, but facilities and accommodations most closely resemble a quality resort, and are anything but institutional.

Recovering addicts have enough work to do, and although luxury is no substitute for therapy, it does leave patients predisposed to focus solely on the lessons of recovery, without worries of their surroundings.