Is the treatment for drug or alcohol abuse?

Depending on the drug of abuse, some of the educational seminars and group sessions may vary, but essentially the treatment centers around addiction recovery, regardless of the drug of use and abuse.

Every patient entering into a Choose Help rehab will undergo a comprehensive pre assessment period, and addiction professionals will design a recovery plan tailored to the needs of the individual. Patients undergoing detox will receive medical attention and medications targeted to relieve the symptoms of detox, and may continue to receive drug or alcohol specific medications throughout the period of recovery.

Individual and group therapies however are not focused on any particular drug or alcohol abuse, but on addiction: what makes us use, learning how to avoid relapse, and through self reflection and therapy, gaining better self awareness away from drug seeking behaviors.

Each patient is medically treated as an individual, and care is designed to reverse the deficits of drug or alcohol abuse; but therapies focus on addiction and recovery, and are not drug specific. Regardless of the drug abused, substance abuse and addictions are very similar in nature, and the treatments and therapies do not differ greatly.