When is rehab needed?

Most people consenting to a period of residential rehab have made personal and private efforts to reduce consumption or quit without success. Addiction progresses in severity, and the legacy of substance abuse includes learned life strategies, and even temporary changes in brain functioning or neuro chemistry. Will power alone is rarely enough to overcome a serious addiction to drugs or alcohol, and without treatment few people can ever achieve sobriety.

A residential rehab program offers the most intensive therapies, a medically supervised detox, and an enforced period of temptation free sobriety, and no other form of drug treatment has as much potential to effect change as a residential drug rehab program.

If you are powerless over the amount or frequency of your consumption… you should consider treatment.

If you continue to use, even as you suffer the obvious and serious consequences of that use… you likely need help.

If your health, family or work life suffers due to your drug or alcohol use… you need to get better, before things get worse.

Nothing about drug or alcohol addiction is painless and that includes recovery, but honest and motivated participation in a residential drug rehab is the bet way to beat an addiction, and take your life back.