Answering Q&As

How does the expert Q&A work?

Users can post questions directly to an expert ( of their choosing using dedicated forms. The expert then receives a notification of the new question via email and an alert in their dashboard when they log into their account. Experts have full discretion over the questions they choose to answer. Occasionally, they may feel that a question falls outside their expertise or jurisdiction. In that case, a Choose Help staff member will re-assign legitimate unans...

Is answering Q&As mandatory?

Answering Q&As ( isn't mandatory however users do often ask questions directly to specific experts they connect with and want to hear from. If these questions go unanswered for too long, Choose Help staff will take it upon themselves to move them to more active experts in order to provide an answer in a timely fashion. As a best practice measure, experts should "reject" questions in their dashboard they do not intend to answer in order to speed up this process.

How many questions can I expect to answer per week?

The number of questions that are asked fluctuates but experts who are more active will rank higher and be more visible to our users which should in turn result in more questions. To see how many questions we are currently answering, visit our Q&A section and sort by Latest Answers (

Can I answer a question anonymously?

Experts are not allowed to answer Q&As anonymously.