How can I convince a loved one to get the help they need?

All addicts protect their use behaviors with a stout wall of denial, and are remarkably able to ignore the obvious consequences of their substance use behaviors and continue to deny the existence of a problem.

Contrary to common wisdom, addicts do not need to admit to a problem before entering into treatment to benefit, and many only acknowledge their dependency after sobriety is achieved, and after participation in group and peer therapies.

The best way to promote change and prompt an entry intro treatment is through a family intervention. A concerned and non confrontational intervention presents the addict with irrefutable evidence of the effects of their behaviors, shows the concern and care of the family, and clearly presents the coming consequences should abuse continue unabated. Interventions are by far the most effective way to convince a reluctant addict of the need for treatment.

Because substance abuse behaviors create an accompanying legacy of pain, anger and guilt; organizing an intervention can be emotionally complex, and it can sometimes be difficult to maintain the non confrontational tone needed for best effect.

A professional and impartial intervention specialist can help to organize and moderate an effective intervention, and can even recommend appropriate treatment and arrange for immediate transportation to a drug treatment facility of your choice. Although you may choose to run a family only intervention, including an experienced professional increases the likelihood of success, and increases the probability that the using addict will accept the need for treatment, and proceed immediately from the intervention to the drug treatment that has been pre arranged for them.

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