Will there be any family participation?

The support of a loving family can be invaluable to an addict in recovery, and families can benefit enormously by participating in the recovery process, and by learning how best to support a recovering loved one once out of rehab and back in the community. Families are encouraged to participate in the therapeutic healing sessions, and will be invited to join in educational seminars, learning about the nature of addiction, and how best to offer constructive recovery support; and they will join in private whole family therapy sessions, where the family begins to heal some of the shared pain of substance abuse, and communally develops a whole family relapse prevention plan.

Although the ultimate task of sobriety falls to the recovering addict alone, the loving support of a caring and educated family strengthens the recovering addict against relapse, and empowers the family to act proactively in assistance. Family participation in residential rehab is very beneficial to all involved.

Note that policies for outside visitors as well as email and phone communication can vary for each facility. Please, consult an admissions counselor for details.