How much does it cost to go to rehab?

$300 per month all the way up to $90,000 per month.

Not knowing the exact pricing can be frustrating, but costs vary greatly depending on your needs, and even on your ability to pay. Insurance can defray most of the cost. For those with more limited means, or without insurance, residential treatment costs can be lower, even under $6,000 per month, and with financing, monthly payments may be as low as a few hundred dollars.

Rehab is never cheap. A quality facility needs to employ doctors and nurses, psychologists and other mental heath professionals, nutritionists, and other therapeutic personnel. A rehab facility also incurs all of the expenses of housing and feeding a group of residents in a comfortable and private setting.

The final costs of a rehab stay vary greatly depending upon the length of treatment required, and the intensity of therapies needed. Pharmacological interventions can also increase the expense.

Ultimately, the costs of rehab should never deter anyone needing treatment from benefiting from a residential drug treatment stay, and rehab costs can be considered an investment in a better and more productive life of sobriety. We have programs that begin at only $10 per day, and residential programs that start at $6,000 per month - and we work with hundreds of insurance providers.

Whatever your financial situation, we can likely accommodate your needs.