Will residential treatment work?

No one can promise that participation in a residential drug rehab will induce sobriety, but no other drug treatment program offers as great a probability of success.

Between 40% and 60% of participants in drug rehab leave the program to lead better lives of complete sobriety; some others may eventually relapse and need some degree of additional therapy; and some recovering addicts may need to undergo a residential program more than once.

Rehab therapies and treatments teach life skills towards relapse avoidance, and motivated participants making an honest effort at recovery have a great opportunity to integrate all of the offered strategies and leave rehab well armed against temptation and continuing abuse.

Although personal desire and motivation do influence success rates, participants do not necessarily need to show motivation at the beginning of treatment, and a desire to change often occurs as therapy progresses, and as self awareness and sober clarity grow.

No rehab can offer a guarantee, but a residential rehab program offers the most intensive treatment, and the best chance at a better life of sobriety.