What is your involvement in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction?

Our mission is to reach out to you if you need help with an addiction problem. It may concern yourself or someone you care about. Professional counselors and the nation's leading addiction treatment centers provide 24 hour live help via our website.

Whether you or a loved one struggles with addiction, finding a drug rehab well suited to your individual needs can feel overwhelming

Choose Help is here to simplify the transition into a quality rehab or drug / alcohol treatment program. When a person struggling with substance abuse concedes to a need for treatment, it's important to act quickly, and get that person into a quality treatment program.

Choose Help operates a 24 hour live assistance program run by professional counselors from the nation's leading treatment facilities; getting you the information you need fast and helping you make an informed decision.

We promote a selected number of programs and inpatient rehab centers who meet the highest treatment standards in the world. You can rest assured that all programs are fully licensed.